Why Private Jets

Modern Day Private Jet
Modern Day Private Jet

Why Private Jet Services Are Growing In Popularity:

There was a time when people who thought of private jets fell in two categories. They would either be people who have enough money to own one or be rich enough to afford renting a private one. If you are on of the rich people then here are few things you might want to consider before you actually buy.

The economics of owning a private Jet:

A new jet ranges between $3million to up to $90 million or more. ?If you were the Prince of an oil rich country and #million was just the price you would pay to drive around the city then $90 million is nothing. You could be looking at buying something in the region of $500 million if you wanted to fly around with your two cars your favorite horse, camel and a discotheque. Operating such a jet would cost you $700,00 to $4 million a year and that is just a rough estimate. There are few people who are Princes or Kings and really, you don’t have to be Rich, Famous or Royalty to be able to afford the convenience and comfort of flying by private jet. Most people who charter use private jet service companies.

Rich people own private jets because they can, not necessarily because they need to. Most people who are still making those riches like company owners and Business company executives whose time is literally quantifiable in monetary terms know the importance that being able to fly privately can be to their business. Using a Private jet service will give you just the same experience

The economics of using a private jet service:th (3)

If you are like most people or the thousands of business people who have to fly around to different places at a drop of a hat or simply someone who appreciate the time saved and convenience of not having to stand in airport lines, or the comfort and convenience of flying comfortably with the assurance that you will get to where you need to then using a private jet service is the way to go. Chartering a private jet can cost anything between $5,000 and $8,000 an hour depending on the type of jet. A longer flight like from New York to London could start at around $120,000.

You can actually save by using a private jet service:

Not everyone who flies private is rich or a businessman. Private jets are becoming more and more popular with regular folks who might want to experience a luxury lifestyle for once like couples going on a honeymoon or bridal parties going to Vegas to bridal showers. This is because it might turn out to be pretty low priced to use a private jet service.

When you charter a private jet what you actually pay for is the entire plane not the seat. This means you don’t necessarily have to pay $8,000 per person but you can bring another person on that single rated price per hour. If you think about that, then the price does not seem so astronomical.

There are other ways of getting a good deal besides getting a jet for multiple people like booking a jet for a one-way trip. These are called empty-leg flights and are 75% less than the normal price.

th (4)One Of Many Types Of Private Jets   The point of it all is that air travel is expensive but it doesn’t have to be the uncomfortable dreadful experience that it is when there are so many options to fly private. You might not be rich enough to afford a $500 million jet where you have to factor in airport costs, fuel prices, cabin crew, flight crew and the maintenance crew you have to keep on staff. There are private jet services companies that already offer the luxury, comfort, convenience and efficiency of flying by private jet.


Private Jets: The Easy Way

Rent a Private Jet to Avoid All Inconveniences:Dassault-Falcon-7X-exterior private jet

In the recent years, there have been several cases relating to inconveniences faced by thousands of people using commercial airlines to travel to different parts of the world. One of the biggest issues has been delayed or cancelled flights, and numerous security checks. All these issues consequently force individuals to look for safest and fastest alternatives, and yes, many are now interested in renting a private jet!

Whatever be the purpose-vacation or business- to rent a private jet, people definitely enjoy many benefits, regardless of relatively high cost.

Time is one vital facet of travel that should be given due importance. Often people want to make most out the time they have at hand. Usually traveling on hired jets saves them from losing their most precious time. This also helps them manage their schedule.

Arrive at your Own Time:

The private jet can take off once all the passengers are set to fly. Aside from that, flexibility is also not out of the question. Very often businessmen find themselves haveting to change their flight schedules due to them clashing with very important meetings. One big advantage when you rent a private jet is that you can move the schedule to whatever time you wish to move it to. In addition, you also need not worry on postponed or cancelled flights due to bad weather conditions for a private aircraft can easily change its route.th (8)

Another reason why many prefer to fly on private jets is that they can enjoy a comfortable traveling experience. There is no need to maintain the uncomfortable and rigid position whenever they are onboard of a commercial plane. Besides comfort, safety is also ensured.

Shop in Style!:

Wouldn’t it be great if you plan a shopping trip at the most convenient time. Wouldn’t it be nice if you arrive at your shopping destination in style? Now you can rent a private jet at Air Broker Net (http://www.airbrokernet.com) to enjoy this experience. Private jets are now easily available to wider populace as prices have become more reasonable and affordable without any decrease in quality of service.

Flying with family:

There might be times when travel experience needs to be special, such as personal visits to family and friends, family vacation, or a honeymoon. This is not possible on commercial flights, which is the reason why give preference to private jet services.

As clients hire the entire cabin of the plane, they can do whatever they want to, and can even play games or chat. Also, in some jets, there is separate shower room that you can use on long flights.shower on aircraft

Finally, you can enjoy the superior quality seats that can be reclined to the sleeping position. They’re perfectly cushioned for comfort and your traveling experience can become a part of your vacation itself.

Children and Pets can also Join You:

You can easily take along kids and pets. Sometimes kids can fly alone, with the consent of guardian. There are strict regulations on having pets on board. This is not so in case of private jets. A cage might be necessary depending upon the level of turbulence.